Dalkeith School
Edward Murpy
Elizabeth Ballantyne
Elizabeth High
Focus School (snacks)
James Lyng High School
Lauren Hill Senior Campus
Marymount Academy
Options High School
Our Lady of Pompei Elementary
Paul VI School (Links)
Perspectives 1
Perspectives 2
Parkdale Elementary
Roslyn School
St. Gabriel School
St. Monica Elementary
St. Raphael Elementary
Summit School at Laurenhill
Venture High School
Westmount High
Dorval Elementary-Reach
Horizon High School - Dawson
Lakeside Academy
St. Thomas (Lindsay Place)
Various School Boards
Centennial Regional High School
Dawson Colledge
Mary Gardner
Peter Hall Campus Cote Vertu
Peter Hall Campus Ouimet
Terry Fox School
Centennial Park
Cedar Street School (Otterburn Park)
Mountainview School (Otterburn Park)
Ecole Alphonse Desjardins (rue Lemay)
Ecole Alphonse Desjardins (39e rue)
Ecole Bois de Liesse
Ecole Chomedy de Maisonneuve
Ecole Chomedy de Maisonneuve (Project Declic)
Ecole Edouard Montpetit
Ecole Honore Mercier
Ecole Gadbois
Ecole Gilles Vignault (special occasions)
Ecole Jean Baptiste Meilleur
Ecole Jeanne Mance
Ecole Louis Dupire
Ecole Secondaire Louis Joseph Papineau
Ecole Maruerite de la Jemmerais
Ecole Secondaire Marie anne
Ecole Notre Dame de Grace
Ecole Philippe Labarre
Ecole St Jean Baptiste de Lasalle
Ecole Ste Jeanne d'Arc
Ecole Jeanne Mance
Ecole St Jean de la Lande
Ecole St Justin
Ecole St Luc
Ecole St Luc annexe Terrebonne
Ecole St Luc annexe Prudhomme
Ecole St Raphael
Learning Centers
CARD after school program
Centre Alpha Sourd
Douglas Hospital Lyall Pavillion
Pierrefonds Community Center
St Columba House
Westhaven Community Center
ACES Football Program
Youth in Motion
Reach (Lasalle)

Note:  The list is subject to revision as there can be additional schools that require our food programs or other miscellaneous services.

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